A Passion for Flavor!

About Buckley's Bites

We have been passionate about jerky for as long as we can remember. The founder Zack made jerky for friends and family as gifts for years because he was so picky when it came to jerky. Zack is most passionate about his wife Kayla, his boy Xavier, his country, beef jerky, and scuba diving. Not surprisingly, our logo is inspired by the scuba passion our owner has.

We started selling our own beef jerky simply because we love it ourselves and were tired of the mediocre name brand and gas station jerky found all over the united states.

We believe our jerky is the best jerky in the country and we know you will love it.

  • Zack and Kayla Wedding Photo
  • Zack and Kayla Wedding Photo
  • Zack and Kayla
  • Zack Diving

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